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A bandit leader kidnaps the wife of the policeman who killed his sister, but later falls in love with her.
Ragini re-locates to distant Lal Matti along with her Superintendent of Police husband, Dev Pratap Sharma, in order to enable him to apprehend a bandit, Beera Munda. Shortly thereafter her life will be turned upside down when she will be abducted by Beera and held captive. It is during this captivity she will not only find out that her fate will be decided within 14 hours, but also the real reason behind her abduction.
I&#39;d like to start off with Abhishek Bachchan. He embarrassed himself in this film, the story and music of which are plain rubbish. I&#39;m surprised that Govinda agreed to be part of this project. I suppose you can&#39;t pin all of the blame on the actors, as the production team is responsible for the script/songs/screenplay (all terrible). Abhishek has made some good movies in the past (a couple being Dus and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna), but he has wasted his time on this. The film is carelessly edited and comprises a bunch of scenes that don&#39;t seem to make sense when you put them together. I wasted 2hrs and 20 minutes when i watched this. If you watch it you&#39;ll be doing the same.<br/><br/>Verdict: A waste of several million rupees.
Raavan starts up with the most heard soundtrack (Beera)used to show film credits n cast..the very first scene in the movie &amp; Ragini (Aishwarya Rai) is kidnapped by Beera Munda&#39;s (Ahishek) men..Next 45 minutes we just keep watching a tom &amp; jerry rat chase with Aishwarya&#39;s husband &amp; Beera Munda sending each other warnings &amp; between we see an unwanted comedy superimposition in form of Govinda(for old time&#39;s sake chichi, if u act like this..better stop acting &amp; concentrate on politics only)..Ravi Kishan, Priyamani team up as Beera&#39;s bro &amp; sis..Both are just average &amp; have weak roles..Ravi Kishan almost plays the same role of a psychic mean guy he played in Luck last year.. Till the first half ends Abhishek Bachchan develops a fetish for Aishwarya &amp; even Mani Ratnam&#39;s brilliance coupled with their real life chemistry fails to transform or depict this fetish as love.. 2nd half is even duller with Aishwarya screaming &amp; running..some unreal fight sequences &amp; an unrealistic climax where Beera is shown as a nice guy &amp; &#39;Good Screws &amp; Double Crosses Evil&#39; theme totally freaks you out &amp; makes u wonder why you came 2 watch this movie…why Aishwarya Rai starts weeping &amp; crying over a Beera&#39;s Death is beyond understanding &amp; laughable… Mani Ratnam gets a poorly 3/10 for direction &amp; forced song sequences… Abhishek Bachchan gets a paltry 4/10 for trying to be us Abhi &#39;ARVIND TRIVEDI IN DOORDARSHAN&quot;S RAMAYAN was a far better act than your supposed super show here! Aishwarya gets a minimal 2/10 for not being up to the standards we expect from her… Govinda 0/10 &amp; sir please stop acting &amp; stay at comedy circus! overall movie rating 1/10…if they had tried a little more…it could have become an average film…right now its a poor poor show…unwatchable at once!

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